Web Hosting

LinuxOur webhosting is Linux based as it is cost effective and is compatible to most server side scripting languages such as Perl and PHP which dominates the market. It’s also more stable than other Operating Systems which mean less down time to our clients. We offer MySQL for our databases and PHP for server side scripting to automate tasks such as email forms to post contact details and captcha codes to prevent spam to designated mail accounts for submitting information. Our hosting environment is secure so your information is always safe.

Domain Registrations

PackageWebhosting and domain names go together thus we also offer the service to register domains as well as transfer and updating of domain names. We charge an administration fee of R100 for the year to maintain the registered domain name. Similar to registering a company name for a CC or a PTY we require you send us up to 5 names which you would like to register the domain under which we submit for registration. We will then notify you of the availability and get the domain name reserved with the registrar.

Web Hosting Packages

PackageWe offer various hosting packages from 20MB with 2 emails addresses to 350MB with unlimited email addresses. The most common package is the 50MB offering with 10 email addresses as most of our clients are small to medium based. We can offer custom packages based on the size and demand of the company and the website the client requires. Should you need more information regarding a custom package please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details as well as pricing.

Cost and Maintenance

LifeThe 50MB package with 10email addresses is R550 for 12 months or R275 for 6 months. We only offer two payment methods to eleviate the "maintenance" issue and also to streamline invoicing and billing in the sense that your mail box dont get spammed with statements or invoices. We send notifications a month in advance thus giving you time to budget on the upcoming payment. There is no charge for adding or deleting email accounts but setting them up is your resposibility but we do send out templates to assist our clients to setup their mail boxes.

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