Web Design

LifeAt MDW Media Solutions we build our websites from scratch to suite our clients’ needs and to portrait the image which they want to present to their audience. We combine our insight and creativity with their vision to conceptualise a design which we present to the client prior to it being uploaded to the live web hosting environment. This allows the client to tweak what we present so they can add or remove information to ensure they are comfortable with presenting the final outcome of the design of their website.

Web Standards

LifeOur web sites are developed using the latest web standards such as HTML and CSS which makes the end result compatible to common web browsers and screen resolutions. This means your website will not be limited to a particular web browser nor will it be limited to any particular screen size or screen resolution thus reaching a wider audience and exposing your product or business to more people with no or less limits to what you can present. We also make use of Flash Animation to make websites more attractive.

Maintenance and Updates

LifeAt MDW Media Solutions we believe that one should pay only for the work that has been done thus we don't charge monthly maintenance fees. We charge a 50% deposit to develop your website and upon completion prior to uploading the website and once the client have agreed that all is in order we take the balance of the amount charged. The only time the client makes payment again is when they wish to add another page or change existing information which has already been uploaded to the live webhosting environment.


The pricing below is merely a guide as to what a possible quote would work out to but it would be best you contact us for a proper quote as all our websites are custom made and not template based as this gives a personal touch and makes your website unique to the competition.

LifeStandard Website with 3 pages namely Home, About Us, Contact Us = R1500 (Base Amount)

LifeTo add a page = R350 per page to the base amount.

LifeTo add flash animation R450 to the base amount.

LifeTo add an image galary of 30 images or less = R400 to the base amount per galary.

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