Video and Video Editing

LifeMost cell phones carry high resolution cameras these days which makes it easy to capture videos or pictures of special moments or general events happening in our lives which we hold dear. The only problem with this is that the data is stuck on your cell phone or video camera which can only be viewed through the small LCD screen. This makes it difficult to share with a large audience and in many cases we don’t know how to set them up or get the videos off the devices to share with friends and family. This is where we can assist….

Cellphone and Cameras to DVD

LifeWe offer a service of extracting videos and photos from your portable devices to convert them into a DVD which can be played on your home DVD player enabling you to share your memories with a larger audience making it fun and exciting to view. This automatically becomes a backup in the event that your cell phone, digital camera or video camera gets lost or damaged. We can also add music and transitions where requested to add to the emotional quality of the video making it more pleasant and appealing to watch.


LifePast technologies did not allow for videos to be viewed on DVD’s. It was either impossible or too expensive to be done so you up with a VHS tape that you can’t use any longer because you can’t get a proper video machine to play it or you just did not see the need to buy a video machine for the sake of one tape you have in storage. With low cost and little effort we are able to convert these VHS tapes to DVD’s brining your old memories back to life for you to enjoy with your friends and family with great effects and super quality.

Personal Touch

LifeBringing your old videos and photos back to life is just the start of it. At MDW Media Solutions we add a personal touch where we customise the menus of the DVD as well as design custom made covers to suite the occasion of the converted media which adds to the sentimental value. You can have a look at our DVD Portfolio section where we have presented some of the covers we designed. These go along with DVD face covers which we print directly onto the disc and we don’t use labels as these peel off at a later stage making the DVD look ugly.

Corporate Events and Presentations

LifeIf you have a presentation or you wish to introduce a new product by making use of multimedia we can put together an interactive slide show or a video to highlight the products features or its advantages which will make it look more professional and appealing. All we need is the footage or photos along with the wording in order to compile the presentation or video. These can be saved to various formats allowing you to use it on a DVD player, a PC with a projector or even for website broadcasting such as YouTube or similar mediums.

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