IT Consulting

Below you will find all the services we can offer you in terms of Information Technology Consulting. We bring all these services to you adding convenience and saving you time and money.

Support and Maintenance

LifeExtensive use of computer hardware tends to slow them down and over time even damage them or the components within them. There is always new software and better technologies or solutions released. At MDW Media Solutions we can offer guidance on either having equipment or the software on it repaired, replaced or upgraded. Whether you run an accountancy firm, an internet cafe or an industrial site we will be able to advise you on software required as well as the hardware needed in order for you to bring your companies dream to life.

Remote Support and Assistance

LifeMDW Media Solutions believes in the lowest possible down time as we know money means time. We have high standards ensuring all is in order at all times as to eliminate down time on the clients side allowing them to be more productive. In cases where we can resolve the issue remotely we log on to your computer over the internet and resolve whatever issues can be dealt with remotely. If remote support is not possible and your hardware needs to leave your premises you can be sure to have it back in no time working better than before.


LifeIn today’s business and home environments there tends to be more than one computer which leads to the use of USB Flash drives which in the end turns production to a halt as these devices carry viruses and transfers them from one PC to another causing staff not able to work. This is where we offer networking. Wireless or Wired networks we do them all. Linking printers, linking scanners or faxes and allowing all computers to be link sharing files and documents seamlessly and having hassle free printing which also helps with cost saving.

On-Site Assistance

LifeGetting your business going is no easy task and having to carry faulty equipment around just ads to the frustration. Ninety per cent of all issues experienced with IT related hardware is caused in the environment the devices are in thus removing it from this environment to have it repaired automatically causes the issues to go away, not to mention which cable goes where on returning to the office which in itself just causes another issue. We offer on-site support as we wish to tackle the issue at its source which at the same time saves the client time and money.

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