Alerts and Notifications

If your domain or website is hosted with us the icons below will alert you of the current status of the systems in terms of issues which arise. Should you experience any issues on your end with regards to emails not working or issues relating your website please visit the website first to check if there are any notifications up relating your issue. If what you are experience is not listed on the website send us an email and we will investigate the matter further.

NewSystem Status - - There are no issues reported all systems are working 100%.

NewSystem Status - - There is a minor issues which may affect services.

NewSystem Status - - There is a major issue which may lead to down time.

The following are general icons which will notify you of news, tips or any specials we have running at the moment. From time to time we may have freebies so it would be in your best interest to visit our website regularly.

NewNews - You can read up on the latest trends or technologies which made headlines.

NewTips - We will post tips of how to keep your PC protected and also how to tweak it.

NewSpecials - Every week or month we will advertise new products on special.

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News, Tips and Specials